Инновационное решение от ТМ Ferrara Paint - Finitura Protettivo

The innovative solution from TM Ferrara Paint – Finitura Protettivo to protect mineral surfaces!

Treatment of mineral surfaces subject is not new, but still has not lost its relevance. Increasingly, mineral materials are used not only for the facades, but also for interior decoration (mineral Venetian plaster, brick, concrete and structural mineral mass).

As is known, such materials (especially on the basis of lime) are distinguished by environmental friendliness, the ability to “breathe”, that allows to maintain the natural atmosphere in the room, as well as, in many cases, prevent the formation of mold, fungi. However, along with all the positive properties, it is also known that such a surface is not capable of repelling moisture absorbing it with dirt, which prevents wet cleaning. Therefore, to create such a surface protective layer – is an urgent need.

These protective materials of high demands, because they do not create a hydrophobic layer, but at the same time have a high vapor permeability, i.e. combine the properties mutually exclusive.

Considering the existing market protections for decorative lime plasters, you can find a variety of waxes, varnishes and impregnation, but applying them to sacrifice any protective properties of the finished surface, or antiseptic.

There are tools based on the stearin emulsions and modified polyethylenes, it means that the wall is decorated with a glossy smooth Venetian plaster, acquires no natural laminated shine like gloss panels made of PVC, and over time, resulting in frequent cleanups, the protective layer becomes thinner and the surface It will cease to be protected.

Tools based on paraffins, are composed of organic solvents, then the surface will be more water resistant, but eventually the coating becomes turbid. Also, the presence of a solvent system can’t speak about ecology.

TM is Ferrara Paint protector – Finitura Protettivo, which simultaneously solves all problems without losing the quality and appearance of the coating due to the presence in the composition of the functional siloxanes.

A layer of protective agent Finitura Protettivo formed on the mineral surface is as follows:

The particles penetrate into the surface, chemically reacting with it “sewn”, but at the same time constitute a surface a continuous film, which allows the surface to produce water in vapor form out simultaneously with this, thanks to the special structure of the particles, drops of water falling on the coating is, can’t penetrate the protective layer Finitura Protettivo.

Thus, the difficult task of mineral surface protection is solved! Using a protectant Finitura Protettivo TM Ferrara Paint buyer receives:

Excellent water-repelling

The high permeability of water vapor and GAS

Virtually unchecked carbonization

Reduces the dirt, especially vertical surfaces
Reinforced surface by forming a hard-brittle silica mineral rete 

Noble mineral natural appearance

Finitura Protettivo TM Ferrara Paint- Optimal and reliable protection mineral surfaces!